SEO Pressor is a WordPress plug in designed by Daniel Tan to assure that your WordPress blog implements all of the latest and greatest on-site search engine optimization techniques. Optimizing your website, or blog, can be confusing and difficult. Especially when attempting to deal with WordPress, which deals with PHP and mySQL databases.

SEO Pressor helps eliminate any and all frustrations associated with optimization. What’s great is that you simply install the plugin, activate it, and you are on your way. Installing SEO Pressor is like unleashing an SEO genie on your WordPress blog. SEO Pressor will automatically optimize all of your on-site optimization variables to tailor for the keywords that you are attempting to optimize for. Such as:

Title Tags, H1, H2, and H3 Tags
Keyword Density and Content Length Optimization
Keyword Placement Optimization
Image and Link Analyzer
Analysis of Font Decorations
Automatic Bold, Italicize, and Underling of Keywords
Intelligent ALT Image tag optimization
Unique SEO Content Scorer

Even if you happen to know how to properly optimize your WordPress blog, it can take hours to optimize each and every post. From optimizing the Title tags, meta descriptions, H tags, to properly checking keyword density and other major variables. At the end of the day you can spend hours and hours of time if you know what you are doing. SEO Pressor takes the time and confusion out of optimal optimization. You’ll even have an amazing SEO content scorer tool, which calculates your content optimization and gives you a score based upon the content that you wrote and the keyword you are targeting. It will even take it one step further and provide step by step instructions on what you need to change!

SEO Pressor comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. This risk-free WordPress plugin will help assure that your website or blog is optimized to current search engine standards without the hassle or time typically associated with modification and SEO research.