SEO Elite was created and is market by popular internet marketer Brad Callen. The software promises to teach and help you make your current website a top ranking site in search engines such as Google in order for you to generate internet traffic or visitors to more than 10,000 a day. With this great increase in visitors to your sites, a greater number of sales can and will be done thus resulting to an increase in profit.

What does this product offer? In short, it will show you how to be a top ranking site in search engines in less than seven days, achieve links from websites, increase search engine traffic, and how to outrank your competition. All these are delivered in an easy step-by-step process that users of this program with no or very little internet knowledge can follow and implement. On a more detailed explanation, SEO Elite will let you see in a glance the factors that make the current top site competitors’ number one and implement changes to your site that you see in your competitors to beat them on the ranking spot legally. In addition, it offers links from thousands of sites so that your website will always be present in the internet traffic, be linked to high page and quality rank websites that will increase your rankings once affiliated, submit your website to link directories in an easy manner, search for super affiliates (affiliates that promote top competitors) and be linked to them and get their rating, in addition to other features the product offers.

You will also be able to monitor the ranks of your website in leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more under an unlimited number of keywords and websites, and track your ranking rise and fall through the system’s ranking graph such as how many times has your website ranked as top site within a day, a week, or a month. In addition to that, it lets you view which sites search engines gives most priority to (which sites are always placed as number one), find and link to authority websites to increase ranking, and learn how search engines such as Google and Yahoo rank websites so that you can use this knowledge to outshine and outrank competitors. If you are more on the article submission and linking side, SEO Elite also works by getting high quality one way links to article directories that are most popular on the web, submit an unlimited number of articles so that you can get an unlimited number of links to your website, and import articles to your site too.

SEO Elite provides excellent tools that every serious internet marketer needs. Especially those that like to emphasize on free search engine traffic. In order to rank in the search engines you must be able to diagnose many factors automatically to determine why your competitors are outranking you. SEO Elite helps you break down the variables in an easy to read and understand manner so that you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

The following bonuses are also available for those who will purchase SEO Elite: videos on money-making tricks by the 12 smartest marketers and SEO Elite Training, as well as unrestricted access to a forum exclusively for members only. SEO Elite is sold for $167 with a money-back guarantee for eight full weeks.