Search Engine Marketing Business Blueprint was created by Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey for all those aspiring to earn online, even with no experience at all. SEM Business Blueprint is a guide from starting an internet marketing business to making it grow to a multi-million company. You virtually need no experience or knowledge about internet marketing as SEM Business Blueprint offers the complete package: from the plan to the procedures to everything that you would possibly need to establish the business.

SEM Business Blueprint has five stages. In Stage One, you will learn how to operate an online business, whatever line you may want to focus on. Whether you intend to be an affiliate marketer, blogger or product seller, this part will show you how to start. You may be able to start your online business in just a matter of 48 hours. After which, it will discuss how you could possibly earn $1,000 for a week, for a total of $50,000 a year.

Stage Two will show you in detail how to set up a Pay Per Click account, getting certified in Google Adwords and managing your SEO services. In this stage, you will learn how to make customers seek the service that you offer and even pay you as much as $2500 up front. This part will also show how you a formula in setting up a business for a meager 4 hours which would make you earn thousands of dollars continuously.

Stage Three enumerates tools and methods to properly manage your internet business. Here, a tool which maximizes your time will be discussed, so instead of having to manage your websites for several hours, you only need to do so in a few minutes. They will also provide detailed instructions on how to make your customer’s websites grab the top rank in search engines. Furthermore, this part would discuss how you can outsource the work and still earn a substantial amount of money.

If you are not convinces that the methods they show in stages one to three actually work, then at Stage Four they will give you all the proof that you may need. They will reveal how things actually work and will show real examples.

Finally, Stage Five reveals where you can actually get the customers which would seek your services in the long run. And even if you are not that confident about talking to clients, this part will show you the things you need to do and matters you need to say to convince future clients that you have the solution for their problems and the answer to their needs. This part shows how you can stand out amidst many other internet marketers and make customers choose you.

To complete SEM Business Blueprint, several bonuses have been added. These are: the “Worth Overdoing” website; the “Wired Wave” site; two useful formulas for using Google Adwords effectively; the Link Building Plan; a PowerPoint presentation to be used for clients; a model Radio commercial; and a full business proposal and work statement. The price for the whole SEM Business Blueprint is $197, with a 60-day risk free guarantee. You can start immediately after payment as it is a downloadable set.