The Rapid Income Creator is an online internet marketing step by step guide that requires little effort, time and knowledge. John Carter is the creator and founder of this program. This guide does not require you to have a website, an email list, a product or anything else that traditional affiliate marketing requires. Rapid Income Creator will do the entire job for you; all you have to do is join the program. The marketing research you need is done, and the products you sell will be given to you by the program.

In the traditional affiliate marketing business you need a product, a marketing plan and a website to start earning money. The Rapid Income Creator will do all these things for you, so that even if you’re a newbie in the internet marketing business you will still be able to earn an income.

Rapid Income Creator is a Pay Per View (PPV) system that covers all the necessary steps an affiliate marketer needs to start earning money. Once a member, an affiliate marketer can log in to the Rapid Income Creator website and just follow a few instructions to start setting up their income generation. It’s not magic though, it’s just that the Rapid Income Creator will actually do all the work for you. The products that your subscription will promote has actually been researched by the Rapid Income Creator team, and the sales pages that you need to make a sale on these products have also been created. In a can, all you have to do is pick a product, pick a pre made sales page that has been professionally written and that’s it. After that all you have to do is monitor the progress of the campaign you have set up.

The best thing about Rapid Income Creator is it does not use the PPC method. The basic thing you have to understand before purchasing this system is that it exploits the PPV method of internet marketing. The basic idea of PPV is that an Adware is installed on a consumer’s computer that will automatically put ads on top of their search page while browsing the internet. For example if a person goes to Google, types in the search field and looks for a certain product or information, when they hit the enter button a pop up window will appear containing an advertisement related to the product or information they typed. This strategy is called PPV, and the Rapid Income Creator utilizes this strategy to help internet marketers earn their income.

The Rapid Income Creator can be purchased at $37.00 with 56 days no questions asked money back guarantee. If after 8 weeks you find the system is not for you, you can ask for a full refund. You can also get a 25% discount when you try to navigate away from the website.