The Personal Branding Theme plug-in was created and is continually marketed by entrepreneurial experts Brian Wong and Ventaka Ramana. Personal Branding Theme was released to the online market on March 26, 2010, The idea behind this plug in is to make your name or your product a known brand online as well as catapult your site to the top 2.0 websites so that you can get more customers and earn more in that way. But before that will happen, the websites that you have or want to create must look professional and special and that is where the Personal Branding Theme steps in.

What does the Personal Branding Theme do? It is a powerful plug in that has a wide collection of services, resources, as well as tools to create your distinct brand online. Once this happens, the plug in will help propel your presence to the top Google searches so that people can find and see you. With such good reviews, then there is a very high chance that they will purchase your product. In addition, the websites must be user friendly and search engine friendly to make this all work. The package includes five sets of Word Press Themes along with five style variations, 25 matching themes for social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and tutorial videos and informative manuals that show you step by step on how to create powerful blog and websites perfect to top search engines online.

What if you’re a fresh graduate looking for a job, a sales person wanting to close a sale, a business entrepreneur wanting to close that perfect deal, an employee wanting that promotion, or a simple person who wants to earn cash for extra in times of need or recreation? The Personal Branding Theme lets you be a brand, a marketable item, which will generate cash. Brian Wong insists that we must make the first step to make ourselves or our products a brand before someone else does, as this is the key to success. The key to making a brand is a three step process: make your content available, make your content credible, and make your content visible. Creating your identity online can often be confusing and difficult. Personal Branding Theme helps assure that you get each and every variable of an online branding campaign underway and online properly.

The product is sold in two distinctive categories. The gold membership is sold for $97 paid at one time and $97 paid monthly for platinum membership. Both will include 5 theme designs, 5 color and CSS variations per theme, multiple blog templates, multiple customizable sidebars, personal branding sidebar widgets, customizable graphics pack, advertising and monetization options, unlimited user licenses, social themes such as HTML landing page, Facebook page theme, Twitter background, YouTube channel background, tutorial and guides on theme customization, online personal branding, comprehensive WordPress training, and social media directory for personal branding. The only ones available in the platinum package are the 100 high quality back links per month on auto pilot, name lock, and lifetime upgrades while the gold package includes lifetime upgrades for theme updates only.

Personal Branding Theme comes with the standard 60-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t fully satisfied with your results, simply request your money back. Within 24-48 hours your account with be credited.