Paid Surveys Online is a website that gathers members to take online surveys. Members are paid for each survey they complete. This seems to be a good opportunity for those who recently lost their jobs and need cash fast or to those who simply need to earn a few more bucks for their own purposes. You don’t have to leave your home to work, all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you get a paycheck as soon as possible.

Companies send out their surveys to Paid Surveys online for the members to choose from and fill out. People’s opinions and feedback is used by the companies to test or review their products according to what the people think. Through answering surveys, you are giving your opinion to companies to help them sell their products and in turn, they pay money for the opinion you gave. Working at the comfort of your own home, with hours you are comfortable with and with unlimited access to surveys from different companies, a job such as this may be your answer to your financial need.

Everybody from any part of the world can be a member. All it takes is sign-up fee of $34.95 and your membership registration details. This one-time fee may be paid using major credit card and through a PayPal account. Originally being $59.95 as the website claims was lowered by $25 for the time being as a promo. After completing the membership form and the payment details, you may now access the member’s area to pick surveys from companies that are available and start earning easy bucks.

The site promotes additional perks upon registering on the spot. Simple but paying jobs such as driving, reading emails and passing out free samples come for free after registration. An hour of answering surveys guarantees an income as much as the fee you shelled out. Completing 2 surveys a day at $10 each will give you an income of $6,270 in a year up to as much as $ 26,880 for 8 surveys a day. With those numbers you may as well work full time answering survey questions to sustain your finances.

Payments may be received through postal mail by company checks or through PayPal. Either way, you can be paid according to what payment option you specified. From what the website said, the companies from whom you will be answering surveys from will be the ones sending out the payment to you and not The website will merely be the mediator for disseminating the surveys to valid recipients among the members.

The owner or founder of the group/website was not mentioned though an email address for their customer service is provided. The fee that you are going to pay to be a member is non-refundable. No statements in any part of the pages accessible to non-members imply that you are entitled to a refund should you be dissatisfied with the income you are making after being a member.