Paid Surveys Group, founded by Jessica House, is one of the largest paid surveys databases available. It simply asks you to click on a survey, complete it and earn money in minutes. You could be earning money while having drinking coffee or taking a break from your work. The website offers a fast and easy way of making money at the comfort of your own home.

They require you to sign up as a member and pay a membership fee of $79.95 through your credit or debit card. Currently, they have a promo announcing a 40% discount on the membership fee which then cuts down the fee to $49.95. After completing the registration form and the payment details, you just have to choose a survey from their database that you think looks easy and pay well. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete a survey with an average cost of $5.

The website’s main page introduces Paid Surveys Group and its founder. It introduces the concept that companies need and use feedback from consumers to improve their existing products or to support their launch of a new one. Effective and accurate feedback from consumers comes in the form of surveys that they send out using Paid Surveys Group’s website. The site says that the group is very selective with the companies they partner with and that they have already filtered the surveys to exclude the irrelevant ones. This way, members of the group don’t waste time on surveys that won’t give them the income they expect. To be a member, you don’t need any advance computer skills. All you have to do is click away in answering the surveys they offer. The money-making opportunity has no quota or target sales needed. You can work on as many surveys that you can, whichever survey you prefer and whenever your time allows you to do so.

The website features an income calculator that takes into account the number of surveys you are willing to complete, the average amount paid per survey, the focus groups you will do in a day with its average pay, and the number of days you can participate in focus groups. Say with an average of three surveys a day that costs $5 working for 5 days a week and twice a week participating in one focus group, the weekly income turns out to be $750. In doing very few surveys in a few minutes or even just an hour every day, you can easily get back the membership money you shelled out.

After the convincing spiels and the few testimonials about the website, Paid Surveys Group offers a 60-day no risk trial membership. They offer a refund after 60 days should you, in any way, be dissatisfied by the amount you are making for answering their surveys. All you have to do is send them an email that professes your discontentment and they will send your money back with no questions asked.