One Week Marketing Action Plan was created and marketed by Jennifer or Potpie girl with the goal to help people with no background in programming, website linking, or how to access massive internet traffic to earn more money online through promoting other people’s products to millions of potential customers and then collecting commission checks when they put in a purchase.

The One Week Marketing (OWM) implies that there will be no need for creating products, answering customer service emails or annoying phone calls, no need to do shipping inventory, cold calling, sales quotas, set schedules, and absolutely no boss as you control the entire operation. It is a valuable blue print that will help you shortcut your way to earning money online and have cash continually flow in to your bank account. So what do you get when you purchase the One Week Marketing Action Plan? The One Week Marketing Package will give you the Basic OWM Guide that will let you have the full details on how to begin your online success. In addition, you get the OWM Action Plan, which gives a step by step guide on what to do daily and set goals that are easy to accomplish so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the entire process. Also, it has the OWM Mind Maps which are greatly designed for visual learners so that you can visualize or see how your entire operation is going through and see what areas needs to be improved. The OWM Checklists ensure that you stay on track and meet important milestones as well as needed things to do, OWM also includes an exclusive mentor interview with one marketing newbie can help you be motivated and stay motivated. This basic package is sold for an affordable $47.

Another package, the One Week Marketing Premium, is sold for $77. This choice offers the following benefits: the entire OWM Package (OWM Guide, OWM Action Plan, OWM Mind Maps, OWM Check lists, and Conversations with a marketing newbie), a 70+ page guide on Keyword Research (a complete guide on how to see real keyword competition), Squidoo 101 for new marketers (a guide on how to use Squidoo such that you will be efficient to create lenses), OWM Plan B (a guide on how to create and protect Squidoo content, use free websites to relocate Squidoo content, and prevent being banned from the online market), OWM Expansion Guide (a guide for advanced scenarios during your creation of your campaigns as well as troubleshooting advanced questions), a guide on how to get more than a thousand visitors in less than 30 days, and a full access on Potpie girl’s free blogs so that your content will be quickly found on search engines all over the internet. This entire package as well as the OWM Package discussed above is under a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.