The Nuclear Affiliate was created and is marketed by Andrew Fox, another brainchild among many other successful products he was able to create as an online marketer. The basic idea behind the Nuclear Affiliate is that it simplifies the jumble of making money online by giving you a step-by-step three hour proven formula you can learn right out from Andrew Fox.

The Nuclear Affiliate is made out of six modules that act as a blue print for your online success. There are a total of 14 videos, all of which are split into chapters that contain tools needed to launch your online career. These tools include email sequences, video templates, and pre sell templates, among many others. The modules are the following: Module One talks about what markets today have the highest buyer activity, Module Two discusses on how to build a mailing list comprised of people that will actually want to purchase your product or service, Module Three shows how to woo customers into buying your product or service sold online, Module Four gives tips or secrets on bonuses that can add to your probability of earning, Module Five shows how to add bonuses to your promotions, and Module Six is all about creating, recruiting, or signing up with big affiliate companies over the web.

Now this package is sold for $37 with a 56 days money back guarantee. When an order is placed with Andrew Fox, special bonuses are included in the package. Special Bonus #1 is a video titled The Live Million Dollar Webinar Series which discusses on how to make huge sales in over less than two months, use the $39, 514 Affiliate Pay Day, use the Psycho Selling Funnel to potentially quadruple sales, sell the same products over and over again at Click Bank while still earning profits, and the video marketing magic which shows how to make compelling videos to get customers attention and make them purchase.

Special Bonus #2 is a video titled Millionaire Yacht Video How I made $70, 697 from a product I didn’t even create. It talks about how a $1995 license produced $70,000 in cash, the magic number ever marketer should know in order to make your business work in reprints, use a simple post card to generate lots of income, what to avoid in getting and renewing reprint licenses so that cost cutting measures may be employed, three secret fulfillment resources that will help in the customer support department, learn a technique on how to use a reprint license as a branding campaign, tips to increase profit using reprint license, and learn how to make profits using e books and multimedia products with just simple rules to follow.