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Niche Profit Course is set of training videos created by Chris Guthrie that shows the owner’s step by step plan and actions in making over $900,000 of sales from in 12 months. The homepage of Niche Profit Course’s website shows a video of the owner showing how to manipulate the website and how to access all materials to help you start making profits from your niche. It also prompts you to pay $99 for the course before being able to see all content of the website.

The video includes an overview of the training course form Chris Guthrie. The Niche Profit training course includes 10 Core Video Training Modules about how to make profit from making niche income generating blogs. Two bonus videos about strategies in making profit are also included. In total, the website has over 3 hours of video content to help you find a good niche and making profit from it.

The video shows an overview of the website’s members’ page. It shows an introduction video upon your registration and the different tabs for the videos that you can watch as part of the training. The first training module is about the basics followed by a training video about finding a good niche to set up your business. The third video shows how to set up an income generating blog and making a customized Azon theme. The Azon theme is an Amazon focused word press customized theme. The theme is supposed to be free only for the first few purchasers of the Niche Profit Course. Module 4 teaches you how to write content you for your blog and Module 5 contains the bulk of the offer which teaches you how to make money. Chris Guthrie will show his start-to-finish game plan in making the money he is earning. Module 6 covers how to make links and how to generate traffic to your new niche affiliate site. The next few modules simply show some of the owner’s legitimate websites that are earning profit. The last two videos are bonus videos that tackle Outsourcing and buying domain names after market.

He then explains a bit about the free traffic he generates from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. At the end of the video, Chris Guthrie logs into his Amazon associates website and shows his sales in Amazon from August 2009 to August 2010. He urges the viewer to click on the “Add to cart” button after the video to purchase the Niche Profit course. If ever you choose to leave the page, a pop- up menu would appear and offer you a chance to download a free Niche Profit Course Beginner’s guide.

The website offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Chris Guthrie owns websites and writes blogs every day that he wouldn’t want to damage his reputation by an unsuccessful purchaser.

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    I’ve been trying to get some of my micro niche type of sites up and running earning a few bucks. Long story short I never was able to earn anything though Adsense. They even eventually banned my account. I had to find a solution and came across this program. Chris helped me learn how to begin making money through Amazon! I finally turned those dormant sites into a cash cow.

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