Mystery Shopper agency is a website that has a list of companies who employ mystery shoppers. This database will be readily accessed once you have been a member. Being a mystery shopper does not just come to you upon registration. You still have to get employed by the companies listed in the website’s database. Mystery Shopper agency will just be your guide in getting the legitimate companies who are hiring mystery shoppers.

Being a mystery shopper means that you have to evaluate and rate some companies’ customer service at local branches. You must give honest feedback about the experiences you had in their establishment. Companies hire mystery shoppers to ensure the quality of service that they are giving. Your feedback will be used to train employees better or to change certain aspects as to how the company works. Aside from being paid to evaluate, you also get their meals, products, travel and services for free. Being a mystery shopper can replace your day job or it may simply be added income that you enjoy. You can work at your own pace and at your own time with no prior experience needed.

As a mystery shopper your jobs could be to dine in a restaurant, watch a movie in a theater, get a massage at a spa, rent a video from a video rental store, test drive a car, book a flight at a travel agency, go golfing in a country club and even just get an oil change. You will be given opportunities to visit department stores, grocery stores, book stores, health and fitness stores, wine stores, travel stores and much more. While working, some of your family may even tag along with you and enjoy some of the perks of your job as well.

Being a mystery shopper for Mystery Shopper Agency will only cost you three meager steps. First step is to sign in as a member in the website and join the shopper employment program or SEP. Step two is using your access to the companies’ database to apply as a mystery shopper in your area. You can apply to as many companies as you want. Each company will directly correspond to you either by phone or by email. You may take as many job offers as you like and decline those that you are not comfortable with. The companies will also be the one to pay you and give you the limits of reimbursable spending money. They will also be the one to give you a questionnaire about how their service is done and how your experience was with their company as a customer.

Membership for Mystery Shopper Agency has a fee of $34 that comes with two bonuses. The first one is the Get Paid to take surveys which will show you companies who pay for survey participants. The other bonus is Get Paid to Drive Your Car which will give you access to companies who are willing to pay money hourly for just driving your car. Membership fee has a 60-day money back guarantee from ClickBank so in case you don’t get hired within the next 60 days, you have your back covered.