More Buyers Every Month is an online Marketing tutoring guide that covers everything about internet marketing. This website is being run by Dave Navarro, who has released numerous self improvement programs and is also the author of the popular blog Rock Your Day. More Buyers Every Month has two main sections; the Workshop and the Group Mentorship.

The Workshop is the place where More Buyers Every Month discusses everything about internet marketing. It has been divided into 10 sections that discuss everything in detail, from what products to sell to how to set up payment systems. The first section of the Workshop discusses everything you need to know in creating products that sell. Dave has given a preview of this section and details all the things you will learn from him. First stop, he will teach you how to create your product line, then moves on to how to sell your product and reduce refunds. If you’re into internet marketing and want solid help, the first module in itself is really worth buying. The second Module will teach you how to build a responsive list that will trust you enough to buy from you again and again.

The third module will teach you how to create a sales page with high conversions without too much technical know how. The fourth and fifth modules deal in strategies on how you can make your sales more effective, teaches you how to diversity your offers to earn more money and build the trust of your customers at the same time.

The sixth module called Optimizing Your Blog For Sales will teach you what to put in your blog and to make it in a way that your customers can interact with you. The seventh module, Becoming A Big Player In Your Niche, will teach you how to gain good reputation in the internet marketing world, therefore making people trust you and wanting to buy your product. The eighth module, Becoming Incredibly Productive, is a self improvement plan to help you manage your life and your work and still stay ahead of the game.

Module 9, entitled Running An Effective Affiliate Program, will give you tips on how to deal with your fellow affiliate marketers for them to sell your product and earn at the same time. And lastly, the tenth module Setting Up Payment Systems will teach you how to choose the right payment system that will work for you.

The More Buyers Every Month Group Mentorship section will give you more information about the modules mentioned above. When you log in to the Group Mentorship section, you will find more detailed information on how you can execute the steps given on the modules. The second great thing about the Group Mentorship section is the discussion forums where you can post questions, clarify ideas and ask Dave Navarro himself on how to execute his tutorials. And lastly, if you really need to talk to Dave Navarro, being a member of the Group Mentorship program will give you a 60% discount on his hourly rate in personally coaching you.

The More Buyers Every Month currently costs $497.00 since it is still under construction. However on December of this year when all the modules are completed, the price will go up to $997.00. This comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. The website also offers an email support for questions you would like to ask before purchasing.