Monthly Content offers the ultimate solution to today’s content needs for websites. The idea is to provide a turnkey solution for all online entrepreneurs who face problems while creating contents for their website.

Ryan Evens the creator of the idea tells how simple it can be for you to manage your own website content. Creating your own products, articles and content has always been time consuming and difficult at the same time and if you hire someone to do it for you, it is either very expensive or lacks quality in case of being cost effective.

To make your business successful you need content and Monthly Contents not only provides you with virtually unlimited supply of content but also offers reselling rights that means you can resell the content. You also get MRR (Master Reseller Rights) which means you can not only resell the content but also sell its reselling rights to others to sell it and you can get the profits and with PLR (Private Label Rights) you can rearrange the content, add to it, make changes and then sell it with your name or label on it and make profits.

This service provides you exceptional and high rated content every month which is written by native and talented writers. The content is intelligently devised to grab the reader’s maximum attention resulting in high traffic numbers for your website.

The creator also offers amazing free hosting account on one of his member’s only high-speed dedicated servers with full cPanel control. The account initially comes with 50 separate domains with 1.5 GB of storage space and 100 GB of monthly band width. To help build your website Ryan Evens also offers an absolutely free Custom Designed Mini Site just for you and not shared with other members as a part of the membership. Instead of paying $197 for this you get this service for free once you have been a member for three months as there is a significant amount of money to be paid to make it available for you for free.

With benefits of saving tons of money and vast magnitude of time, Ryan Evens has another surprise to offer. Instead of charging $197 which would be a very reasonable price for the service or even $97 which would be a very fair price for the magnitude of content, articles, products and trainings that you can get, For the first limited 1000 subscribers the membership is only $47 per month. The best part is that Monthly Content offers a 60 days test drive which means if you do not want to stay you can always send a request and get your money back and you can always leave the program at anytime without a hassle.