Mobile Monopoly, created by Adam Horwitz, is a website that gives members the full details on how to make money out of mobile marketing. Mobile monopoly is a way of tapping the people who use mobile phones, PDA’s and other mobile devices with an internet access and marketing to them. Comparing the number of internet users online and the number of people who have their mobile phones with the, the difference is significant. It’s marketing to almost three times as many people.

With this kind of marketing that Mobile Monopoly is offering, you don’t need any technical know-how, you don’t need blogs, sites or domain names, keyword articles and you don’t even need a cell phone. The developer started exploring internet marketing since he was in high school and after some serious research he finally came up with the idea of an optimized mobile marketing.

The Mobile Monopoly marketing course consists of 10 mobile Monopoly training modules with over 50 step-by-step videos and checkpoints for each module. Module 1 is about tapping the billion-dollar mobile “app” (application) market and generate as much as $10,00o a day. Module 2 talks about steps on how to get people buy right from their mobile devices. Module 3 takes you to underground networks that other marketers haven’t tapped into yet with the help or laser-targeted tracking. Module 4 is about how to eyeball CPA offers and what CPA to use on mobile phones. A module 5 teaches how to use ClickBank offers mobile phone friendly. Module 6 shows when to offer Amazon products instead of ClickBank or CPA and still get income even if a buyer doesn’t really purchase anything from the site. Module 7 is all about pay per call profits that gives you tips on how to spot the highest pay per call offers from top niches. Module 8 is about how you can make money from making mobile campaigns for local businesses. Module 9 talks about a website that lets you make your own mobile “app” in just seconds and how to useful your own mobile add could be in your mobile marketing. Last, Module 10 teaches you how to use iTunes as a source of profit and how to approach artists to pay 30% of their iTunes music sales on the spot.

The package comes with a bonus of Mobile Monopoly Email Marketing course and a Proven “Done for You Mobile Campaign.” It, of course, gives you full membership to Mobile monopoly where you can have access to every Mobile Monopoly update that the developer may post.

Mobile monopoly works on all kinds of mobile phones all over the worlds. Your computer is the only thing you need; you don’t even have to have a smart phone to start your Mobile Monopoly mobile marketing.

Memberships costs $77 and has a 60-day money back guarantee. You even get to keep the bonuses even after demanding for a refund. Navigating away from the website will give you a chance to get a $10 discount so the Mobile Monopoly course can be purchased at $67. Looking at the statistics shown and the booming mobile phone industry, mobile marketing may as well be worth a try.