MemberFire is the name of a software program that is designed by Ian Del Carmen, who is an Internet marketer. The purpose of this software is to help people set up and run their own membership website. This software is more guided towards people with no prior knowledge of web development that are working and running a business from their home, than people who are actual professional web developer or web designer. According to the creator of this software, it does not just help the users to create a membership website but also provides additional features to maintain it afterwards and giving them an impressive and not to mention an ongoing income from it.

The creator of this software claims that MemberFire is the most user friendly membership site builder in the market, where the process of building such a site has been fully automated, so that even people with no prior knowledge of website building can build and operate such site. The MemberFire attempts to accomplish this process of automation with the use of an automatic script installation to build the site and an administrative control panel to control every aspect of it, not to mention linkage to affiliate program site and a collection of plugins and additional features that the user can choose whether or not to use. These additional features include payment processing, password retrieval and every thing else that a membership site should have. All these features are to ensure that building a membership site becomes as easy as building any regular website, which now a days has become very simple, thanks to various script generating software in the market. What this type of software has done for regular sites, MemberFire attempts to do with membership sites, which would be very helpful to the users considering the fact that they already have a huge workload that comes with any business that may require a membership site. Making the immense time and work it would normally take to build such a site unwanted, not to mention the time it would take to learn how to properly use it.

Some users have complained that this software is not as user friendly and easy to use as the creator Del Carmen claims. It should be remembered that all software in the market have a few glitches and MemberFire is no exception, but the purchase of this software comes with free technical support, which should clear up any problems that the user might face.

Although this software has not made a huge name for itself in the online marketing communities when compared to other such software, it is still holding its ground quite well in the market, and despite the few complaints that is mentioned above most of the users seem satisfied with its services.

MemberFire comes with your standard 60-day money back guarantee. That way you can try out MemberFire risk free. If for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase, simply request your money back and your account will be credited within 24 – 48 hours.