Massive Traffic Explosion is a video course by Jason Cooper designed to help you get massive traffic into your website. Traffic has always been the major factor in making money over the internet, without traffic, you will not be able to make much profit out of your sites, blogs, or affiliate marketing. This course contains seven modules of informative and useful ways to build up traffic into your profitable sites. This contains over four hours of video training for both free methods and paid methods of creating traffic for your website.

These techniques can be used to build lists and sell your products to increase profit. There have been tried and tested ways of increasing traffic but all of them will be explained in the training course to more effectively and easily use them. The first module is one of the traditional and one of the most effective ways to bring in traffic. Traffic Method #1 is on Article Marketing. This talk about making a 300 word article that contains keywords in which people search for. Since search engines love websites that have been there for a long time and have produced or posted valuable information, chances are your website have not gained that much reputation yet in the internet scene. So the article that you’re going to write, we will submit it to popular article databases. When someone does a search on your article’s keywords, they see your article and this will give your website a visitor boost. After some time, when people search for keywords, your website directly shows as a result and not just your article on the article databases. Using this method, you increase your site’s credibility, you generate traffic and the visitors will get to see your products and be encouraged to purchase.

The second module is about Video Marketing. Videos have been one of the most entertaining parts of internet. Effective video promotions not only entertain but also entice buyers to purchase your products. This method is sure to rake in traffic with high conversion. Module three is about making use of social networks for marketing. The dos and donts of social network marketing will also be revealed to protect you from the pitfalls of marketing. Social networks are a big source of free traffic and once you have penetrated this community of free traffic, your site will always be hopping with potential buyers. Module four talks about online forums. These forums are the lair of buyers who are literally willing to pounce on the products you are going to sell them. Traffic Method #5 is about press releases. This time, the author will reveal to you the best ways and networks where you can release your products and let them bask in the limelight. Module six is about the paid advertising techniques and module seven focuses on advanced marketing techniques that will reveal sought-after techniques to exponentially increase your profit.

This training course may be purchased at their website for $77 with a 60 day money back guarantee. 100% of the $77 investment will be given back for whatever dissatisfaction you find from the product within 8 weeks.