Alexander Krulik is an internet marketer and a software developer who created a software program made to provide ease to the individual who writes and spins articles. A software program designed to take articles and transform one article into different variations, the Magic Article Rewriter does this spinning but with the same content. With this program, one can post his or her articles at different websites with different variations. This allows the individual to use his or her articles to its optimal use and at the same time generate more search engine results essential for online marketing success.

The software works in a way that it provides the user ease in spinning his or her articles. In order to use the software, the user takes his or her article and inputs it into the program. The spinning tool should be activated first before selecting the desired text to be used. The software offers you possible synonyms for you to choose. This allows more variation to your text. Not to worry though, the software program offers over 30,000 synonyms which allow the program to come up with different variations of your article. You can select as many synonyms as you want all the while coming up with an article in the proper spinning format.

There are several features to this product that make the task of article rewriting much easier. It makes rewriting private license rights easier. You get to have total control over the words, sentences, grammar, and structure of your articles. It creates no duplicates which mean your articles are totally unique. It spins anchor text in your articles. It also spins whole sentences and the URLs to your main site or any other page for deep linking. It has a Multi level nested spinning feature spinning your sentences and words in every spun sentence. Aside from allowing the user to add his or her own words, it inserts more descriptive words than you originally used. You can work directly from your desktop or laptop computer while improving your article content. It practically spins hundred and thousands of unique articles allocated to one folder for easy access. It has full copy and paste functions. The Magic Article Rewriter has the dual purpose of saving you time and make more money because you can expand internet real estate with posts, pages, and articles.

It is offered at a one time purchase of 80 US Dollars all for the full working software. It also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. With the Magic Article Rewriter, you will be generating high quality backlinks back to your website. In this manner, this will help increase the rankings of your site from its search engines all with these handy features at your disposal.