The Local Marketing Myth is a new product that has been launched by online marketer Russell Bronson. This product is packed with 52 weeks of job opportunities that have been secretly discovered by Bronson and is now shared through this product.

How does this product work? Upon purchasing it, you get the chance to access businesses that are already set up and ready to deploy. Target customers are usually found at your local brick and mortar stoes and the product sold to them is a step by step fifty two weeks instruction manual on how to succeed in a small business and grow to a larger company. To help in the marketing side, a secretary can handle the SEO essentials without you having to understand the details.

The money flows in through two fool proof methods. The first option is through collecting commission. You let Russell Bronson and his groups advertise, market, and sell the product for $27. For every product sold, $7 goes to Bronson and $20 to you. The second option is more hands on, you advertise, market, and sell the product yourself. This means that you get the payment in full. So which one is a better option? For the commission collections, there is no need to work on selling the product but simply wait for the commission to roll in. This means that there is no need for you to handle customer care, building and updating mailing lists, write compelling business and promotional letters, and so on and so forth. This option is better for people who have no background in marketing and would like to sit back and relax and do something else. For the second option, it would entail the bulk of work done and stated above. It means handling shipping, email listing, promotion, feedback, marketing, and the like for 100% earnings. Although it may seem such a hard task to do, the second options is more for seasoned and adventurous marketers as it will also allow them to promote their own personal products and increase the size of their email list for promotion.

Another thing to consider is that there are actually two products you can choose from. The first one is the instruction manual stated above and the second one is the Local Marketing Myth product itself. The systems work in the same manner in such a way that you sell the same product and collect the commission from the sale done. This entire package is sold for $497 under a 60 days money back guarantee. If you find the product is not up to standards, then all you have to do is send them an email and they will gladly refund your product with absolutely no questions asked.