Legit Online Jobs is a website that you can use to earn money online. The website does not require you to have any experience in internet marketing, and does not require you to carry a product or website to start. Legit Online Jobs is also not an automated system for affiliate marketers. The website is a database of all the legitimate money making opportunities available worldwide. Ross Williams is the creator and name behind the website.

Legit Online Jobs’ main thrust in making money online is their Ads posting database for companies worldwide. The website has created a list of companies offering online opportunities for anyone in the world. When you become a member of the Legit Online Jobs website, you will be able to access this database and choose whatever company you would like to promote. There is a step by step video guide on how you will be able to do this. The website also claims that once you become a member, you will no longer be required to pay anything else; unless you opt to choose the Ads typing system where posting advertisements online have a little fee. If you choose to do this, the Legit Online Jobs team will offer you $200 worth of advertisement to get you started.

When you become a member, earning money online through the Legit Online Jobs program takes only 4 steps. First, you choose the company that you would like to promote. Second, you log in to your ad account. Third, you type in your advertisements into the forms provided by the website and lastly, you just hit the submit button. After that all you have to do is monitor the progress of your income and the advertisements you have posted.

The website is not only concentrated on their Ads typing service. There are several bonuses that you can get once you become a member of the site. The first interesting bonus you’ll get is the database of legitimate jobs offered online. You can check for work from home jobs like data entry, translating and other online jobs that companies offer over the internet. You will also get offers to answer online surveys that pay good money. A guide on how to make money on eBay is also offered in their member’s area. The last and possibly the best bonus they offer is the 1 on 1 coaching sessions that will guide you in everything you need to do and know when using the Legit Online Jobs system.

A one-time membership fee is tagged at $49.95. Once you pay for this, you will no longer be billed for anything else. Within 8 weeks of joining, a refund is possible if you will be able to provide a valid reason on why the system is not for you. There is also a FAQ page that you can read for more information, or you can contact their support team by clicking on their support tab on the website. A 10% discount is also offered once you try to navigate away from the site.