The Killer Preseller is a free program that provides its users with a basic pre sell template each and every month. A pre-sell template is like a review of the product, where instead of trying to sell a product from the get go, the user tries to win the trust of the potential customer by reviewing the product. The review needs to be honest and in depth and may be with a few critique in order to work. Writing such reviews like that can be a time consuming and tedious job, which is what, makes these templates so useful, with these templates most of the hard work is done for the users, allowing them to focus solely on informing the customers on the product knowledge.

After signing up for Killer Preseller the users are given an option to purchase elite templates. Both types of templates have a basic unbiased content rich review of the product, in a professional design and layout. The elite templates also have an extended review, three user articles and three auto responder emails, as well as personalized audio and video and an opt-in form. The elite templates are so far only available for the following products and niches:
• Blogging To The Bank 3
• Acne-Free In 3 Days
• Ejaculation Trainer
• Stop Sweating Start Living
• Yeast Infection No More
• M.O.L.B. 1% Wealth Formula
• Over Night Affiliate Cash
• The Affiliate Conspiracy
• Commission Blueprint
• Get Your Boyfriend Back
• Recipe Secrets
• Secret Affiliate Code 2
• Google Wealth Wizard 2
• Golf Swing Guru
• Project Achimedies

And as an added bonus seven templates will be included with every purchase. Each templates whether elite templates or not comes search engine optimized with the META tags already included, which allows them to be easily indexed by any search engines. All the users have to do is plug the templates in their website and the sales take place automatically. Even if the users do not want to spend money on the elite templates, the free templates are very useful in the online marketing business. However, since these templates can be downloaded by anyone some users may want to use them as just a guideline in order to make their own pre sell pages so that it will not look similar to any other pre sell pages in the web, but if the user is not good at template designing he can still use them directly as they are, since there are so many to choose from they may still find an unique one.
As already mentioned these templates are mostly free, with a new one made available every month. As for the elite templates, all 15 of them are available with the one time price of $97.
Killer Pre Seller comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with your purchase simply request your money back within those sixty days.