Keyword Elite is a software designed by Brad Callen, who is a software developer and an online marketer, who is rather well known in this line of work. This program is designed to help PPC and SEO marketers to build a keyword list for their online marketing campaigns. It has several functions that allow the users to find niche markets, find and analyze the competition, locate the user’s trends and much more.

In order for an internet marketer to stay on business and make a good profit, it is important for him to find the right keyword. They also need to find a profitable niche market for their marketing campaign as well as, and like any other business stay aware of what their competitors are doing. The Keyword Elite software has 8 functions that the users can choose from.
The first function is the Keyword Surge; this function takes the name of the user’s product and then gives them 10,000 keywords, sorted by parent keywords, number of keywords and searches per month. The second function is the market research sleuth, which searches the keyword on the web to find the competitors and then analyzes their traffic to determine how difficult the competition is going to be. The third function is the time machine, which allows the users to see the competitor’s ads for the last six months. The fourth function is the search engine dominator, which allows the user to see what his competitor is doing to get top rankings, such as page title and keyword density. The fifth function is the Adwords competition sniper which works with the time machine to determine which search engine is being used by your competitor and what ads are being run for how long. This allows the users to see what combination of keywords, ads and landing pages are working for the competitors. The sixth function is the advanced Adwords site targeter; this function allows the users to find websites that run Adsense so the user can put the URL in his Adwords account in order to run a site targeting campaign. The seventh function is the Joint Venture diamond miner; this tool finds other websites related to the keyword as well as their ranking and contact information, so that the user can try to set up a Joint Venture deal. And the final function is the CPA magnet which gives the user a list of offers connected to the keyword across 40 networks. This is a major time saver as otherwise the user would have to join all the networks to see the offers.

The Keyword Elite is available for purchase for $97 from the Keyword Elite website and it comes with an 8 weeks money back guarantee, so it is relatively risk free for the users to purchase this software.