The Instant Article Wizard is another successful product launched and marketed by Jonathan Ledger. Other successful enterprises that Ledger was able to release out in the market include 3WayLinks, 1WayLinks, MyWayLinks, WebComp Analyst, and Answer Analyst. What is different in Instant Article Wizard is that it works by helping article writers or bloggers make interesting quality articles in a short span of time.

How does it work? Simply put, you type in a keyword in the software and it searches across the vast online sites for sentences that that contain your keyword. It then lists the sentences that have the keyword and then you can start creating an article out of it. It thereby decreases the amount of time spent in writing articles and research, and improves speed as well as quality. You can even make the article in the software, all you have to do is make minor revisions, arrange the thoughts together, copy, paste, or restructure sentences, and a new article that is informative is now ready for online publishing. Take note however, that the Instant Article Wizard does not make or write articles for you, all it does is that it put sentences from other articles that contain your keyword and you have the freedom to spin these ideas and create an article.

If you are wondering if this would pass Copyscape, it would, given that you do not copy word for word and rearrange them and reword as much as possible. Copyright laws state that you can at least copy a few words from other writers, as this can be called as fair use of content. By using the Instant Article Wizard, you can do the following: (1) speed up research, (2) have ideas on how to start or end a paragraph, (3) get a source of “inspiration”, (4) write keyword articles even without any extensive knowledge about the keyword, (5) write great articles for Adsense and affiliate sites, (6) get ideas for equally hard articles, and (7) increase link building for your core sites by posting high quality articles in exchange for links in top directory sites.

Other benefits include creating content for core sites without any prior knowledge, convert articles into Adsense dollars, and rewrite articles in pro form. Using the Instant Article Wizard helps in the quality of research without the extensive time, breaking down the steps into easy to setup sections, and data is saved for the same keyword and articles done with the keyword in the case of repetitive niche writing.

The entire package is sold per monthly basis, that’s $27. But if you are reluctant to get the monthly package, then there’s a 7 day trial period offered with all the benefits for just $7.