The Inbox Cash Blueprint is a product created and is currently marketed by online trainer Jaz Lai. This coaching or tutorial session is aimed at teaching the absolute beginner or even the seasoned marketer on how to make money online by learning secrets of affiliate marketing, blogging, small business launching, promotion and much more.

What is the inside this product? It is actually an eBook that is filled with extremely useful information and is supplemented with videos in a DVD for a more comprehensive yet easy to understand face to face coaching. Lai states that by using the Inbox Cash Blueprint, you will learn not only the basics to online marketing, but also some advanced techniques to employ. Also, it is an interactive learning procedure, implying that there is no time wasted in the learning process, as the techniques you learn can be employed immediately, making you literally earn while you learn.

In a more detailed discussion, you are taught the following: how to get started in the online market, find and zero in on targeted customers (customers that are actually right for you and your product), how to make these customers stay on your mailing list, market the online business you have created not only to the raw World Wide Web search engines but also to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as use these sites to promote small time businesses to keep the cash coming in.

The Inbox Cash Blueprint is more than an item that is useful for beginners with no background whatsoever on internet marketing. It is helpful in providing the basics or ground work that every internet market should know. In addition, it is explained in a step by step process so that beginners won’t be lost in translation. There is also a 24/7 help desk available in case the member wants to ask questions, in which if there are any obstacles found or encountered in the training course, then the support team would gladly answer any inquiries related to it.

The product is sold for an affordable price of $29.95 with a 60 days money back guarantee. For such a small price, a vast amount of knowledge can be gained compared to other coaching sessions that charge a higher monthly rate. In any case that you find this product not up to standards and does not meet the criteria it presented, then you can simply drop an email into their help desk and they will gladly refund your money with absolutely no questions asked in a span of days. Although others may argue that this can’t be of much help to season marketers, there are still a whole bunch of new information and integration of old tricks that can help in starting, improving, and increasing the income from online marketing.