Google Slapper is an internet marketing guide to help you slap Google and get higher search engine rankings. Most marketers have trouble with search engine optimization. Attempting to rank in well in the search engines is a difficult task if you don’t know what you are doing.

Google Slapper was created to help simplify search engine optimization so that you get the chance of ranking on the top. No one can guarantee ranking first, but Google Slapper can help you get near the top of the search results. Google Slapper consists of step-by-step instructional videos, with supplemental written guides, on how to optimize your site properly and other strategies for search engine optimization.

You’ll receive beginning SEO strategies, all the way to advanced techniques that master SEOers understand and implement. One specific strategy is known as opinion marketing. Opinion marketing is a technique that involves linking your website to other business and strategic websites with tips on how to obtain backlinks from these highly trusted websites.

Another training video teaches you how to optimize your site for not only the search engines but also visitor conversions. If you receive the top rankings, you want to assure that you convert those visitors to sales. Finally you’ll receive access to an exclusive user area. This is where you can talk with the creators of the product, and other users, on advanced SEO tactics that only you and other members know about.

Google Slapper comes with a sixty day, money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied simply request your money back and you’ll be credited back within 24-48 business hours.