From Jonathan Volk comes another monster affiliate marketing guide titles as the Facebook Ads Guide. This is another by product of Jonathan’s genius by creating a step by step process where completely clueless people can get a heads start on how to make Facebook ads as well as make them work to earn cash.

The guide is filled with information in the form of tutorials that include bidding strategies, demographic marketing tips, maximizing campaigns to their full potential (among many more) using Facebook Ad Manager. Jonathan Volk lays out the basic foundation or formula for you to be able to create effective Facebook ads, which is not available in the internet in spite of the huge number of hours you spend looking for one.

The difference with this product from other products is the way the information is relayed or given to you. Other affiliate marketing guides or programs will just give you monthly step by step process, which can be frustrating to fast learners or simply do not have the luxury of time to wait and read. Volk fully gives you 10 months of valuable data, experience, knowledge, and tips in one guide that’s easy to understand, synthesize, and apply its principles. The main goal is to launch a campaign in Facebook and beat the competition. Facebook is now surpassing Google as the number one site used on the internet, and with this knowledge comes the limitless opportunities to make money online. The eBook product will help you compete with professional online marketers and bring out your product to customers, get noticed, and make sales. Serious publishers should get a copy of this book as it may serve as a crucial step to success. What makes this eBook so valuable is that it was written by one of the biggest super affiliates in the market. Jonathan Volk is known throughout the community and is one of the best affiliates around.

The item is sold for $79 with a 60 day money back guarantee. Payments can be made using major credit cards as well as through PayPal. Special bonuses include a 20% discount (for a limited time period) and the following: Facebook Affiliate Offers Guide (a guide co written by Ryan Eagle that shows how to run specific Facebook offers), Facebook Ads Guide Newsletter (a monthly newsletter that will show you the top offers on Facebook which you can deploy), Top Fan Page List/ Guide (a guide on how to use fan pages as areas for targeted advertising) and Keyword Targeting List (a list of special Facebook keywords that will help you target specific groups so that the right product goes to the right potential customers).

The guide is best for those with no prior idea to what they have to do to make a campaign and get it running. For those who are already advanced in ad posting in social media sites, especially Facebook, then this might not be a guide for you. However, the content is quality and understandable as well as it provides helpful tips and tricks of the trade to boost your business.