The Easy Video Player 2 is an online marketing tool that helps you manage and upload your marketing videos in the simplest way possible. The program is created by Josh Bartlett. The Easy Video Player 2 is not an online marketing guide but rather a video uploading tool that you can use to maximize the power of your videos as a sales tool. It requires little technical knowledge since all the things that you need to do are done automatically while you are using the program.

The Easy Video Player 2 has several features that can help you in your internet marketing campaign. First, you can embed the buy now button on your videos. This means you can distribute your videos with the buy now button included and still get the affiliate profit wherever the video may be. You can also add opt in forms inside the videos themselves to help you in your list building. So wherever your uploaded video may be, you can still build your list. These buttons can be placed anywhere on your video, giving you the option to place it in the most opportune moment where watchers are eager to buy or participate.

The add-on buttons are not the only features though. Aside from that, you will also have access to an easy way to split-test your videos. When you launch your videos on the web, you will get statistics and know which videos are the most effective in selling and which are not. That way, you will be able to use the video that gives you profit and let go of the video that doesn’t. These features are user-friendly and you do not need any technical knowledge in video editing to embed buttons and test your videos.

Through this product you can also direct viewers to go to a certain website or shopping cart when they are done watching. That means wherever they are on the web, you can direct them to your sales page without any hassle. Publishing your videos anywhere on the web is also easy; the Easy Video Player 2 is compatible with Amazon S3 to ensure your videos run smoothly anywhere on the web.

Aside from split testing your videos, you will also get important information about your video uploads like the frequency your videos are being watched and from what website it was mostly watched. Another good feature that this product offers is that you can secure your video content and stop others from stealing your strategies. You can assign your videos to work only on your chosen domains and randomize the video code to make sure it’s safe.

The Easy Video Player costs a one-time only payment of $127 with a 60-day money back guarantee. You will also get a special bonus that grants you a 30-day free trial to the Elite Marketing Foundation training community that will teach you online marketing and help you on how you can use the Easy Video Player to boost your campaign. If you decide to keep your subscription, you will be billed $37 per month.