Drop Shipping Wholesalers, owned by Nick Destafano, is a website holding a unique database of suppliers for online buy and sell businesses. The website offers membership to access their database of wholesale suppliers that sell items in very low prices and at the same time, drop ship for you.

The drop shipping steps to making profit is as easy as the three steps found in the website’s introduction video. Step 1 is to find the supplier from the Drop Shipping Wholesalers database and looking for a specific product to sell. Look for the same products in eBay and compare prices. Step 2 is listing your chosen item at eBay for a slightly lower price than those already posted in the site. Step 3 is processing the order from the supplier once you’ve sold the item on eBay. You only buy from the supplier once you’ve sold the one you’ve posted. Unlike the traditional buy and sell process of buying the low priced items first and then looking for a way to sell them which is highly risky because you have no guarantee that you can sell what you’ve already bought. The system used by the website allows you to gain profit without any starting capital for buying the products you want to sell.

The owner, being in the drop shipping business since 2002, discovered top elusive and secret resources that would allow you to buy low and sell high. Their database includes the 10 Secret Wholesalers that offers designer merchandise that sells for very low prices. Also part of their database are over 1000 of the best wholesalers and drop shippers and within these resources come over 500,000 in-demand designer retail products that would surely sell like hotcakes over the internet. Some of the brands that the website has are Dell, Coleman, Black & Decker, LG, Sharp, Pioneer, HP, Callaway, Revlon, Disney and more.

Being with Drop Shipping Wholesalers, you won’t have a boss because you are your own boss, you have freedom to work whenever you want to, you don’t need inventories of your products to sell, you don’t need to go through the middlemen who cut off your profit and you don’t have to pay monthly fees to access the database because once you are a member you will forever be.

Drop Shipping Wholesalers offer two kinds of memberships that have their own perks. The Basic Plan give you access to the 1000+ retailers and their 500,000+ designer products. You will also have unlimited email support, an access to the members only forum , $250 worth of marketing eBooks and tools and a 10-day step-by-step drop shipping eBooks. The Platinum Plan has the same perks as the Basic Plan but with a few additions such as a Turnkey ecommerce website with your products, 250 free business cards with your logo or site name, and your own free domain name.

The Basic Plan is offered for $47 dollars while the Platinum Plan is slashed from $197 to $167 for the time being with a 57-day money back guarantee. The site has been reviewed by ValidatedSite, verified by PayPal and by Starfield Secure and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you want to upgrade your buy and sell business or start your own buy and sell business, the Drop Shipping Wholesalers may just be the answer you’ve been searching for.