DirtyCPA is an internet marketing membership site created to teach you how to earn money through CPA marketing. Created by professional internet marketers John Hostler and Steve Iser you’ll learn step by step instructions on how CPA networks work and how you can utilize them to make a profit online.

Dirty CPA a tutorial membership site that will teach you how to begin making money online through Cost Per Action networks. Cost Per Action can be extremely lucrative, although the point of entry can often be intimidating for internet marketers. Dirty CPA was created to help alleviate any problems that you may run into.

Dirty CPA will walk you through all of the steps, from beginning to end. Including which CPA networks to sign up for, which offers or products to market, and the best mediums to advertise and turn a profit. Dirty CPA is broken down into 13 separate training modules. Examples of the training modules include:

How to successfully create a high converting landing page
Offer research: How to find the highest CPA offers with the highest ROI
Swiping: How to identify what is working for your competitors so you don’t have to waste money
Advertising Platforms: PPV, Facebook, and PPC, you’ll learn how to utilize these platforms for cheap traffic

DirtyCPA also provides unique landing page templates. They’ll provide 5 different colored templates with step by step instructions on how to create a killer landing page. You’ll also have access to link cloakers, and link maskers. Assuring that your campaigns aren’t ripped off and that people click on your licks after hitting your landing page. For those on the more blackhat side, you’ll also receive cookie stuffers that help push your affiliate cookies onto peoples computers when visiting one of your sites. Finally, you’ll receive geoCPA that helps you route traffic based upon location. Some CPA offers are only good in certain countries, you don’t want to lose out on valuable money because your network won’t approve those transactions. Now you can route your traffic according to location to help monetize even further.

With your Dirty CPA membership you will be given access to three other amazing CPA tools. You’ll be given access to KeywordElite, SpeedPPC, and StatsJunky. All amazing and and effective software that will help you with your campaigns.

Dirty CPA comes with a money back guarantee for up to sixty days after your purchase. If for whatever reason you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase simply request your money back and your account will be credited.