The Copy Paste System is an internet marketing system that is true to its word. All you need to do is copy and paste the whole procedure and you would get the staggering results as the creators Paul Ponna and Sidd Ponna. This system shows how you can rule over niche markets even if you have no mailing list; or how you can build a huge mailing list even if you have no website or product to offer; or how you can drive continuous traffic to any site or link even without the use of SEO.

The Copy Paste System set is composed of four systems. System One is entitled Facebook Sales Tornado System. We all know that social networking sites are very popular these days. So instead of using Google to advertise, the system will show you how to make use of Facebook, the number one site all over the internet.

System Two is entitled Weird CPA Sales Hurricane System. This part reveals to you the perfect combination to earn a lot of money in this business: campaigns that have little competition and big in earnings.

System Three is entitled Media Buy Sales Funnel System. This system will show you how to drive not just traffic to any page you like, but people that are willing to purchase for a product or a service on the spot. All you need to do is copy what is stated to you, put in a picture, and you are all set.

The last system, entitled Revolutionary “Google” People Targeting Sales Funnel System, which would show you how to steer clear of being banned from Google. The steps you take would lead you to a higher click-through-rate or CTR. It includes a step-by-step video to assist you and the secrets to finding a landing page that is Google-friendly.

Bonuses included in the Copy Paste System are the 2-hour Cash Machine and 10 Video Squeeze Pages of hot niches. With the Two-Hour Cash Machine, you can easily earn within minutes from creation (which is also given to you in a copy-paste format of creation via video illustration). Also, instead of creating your own niche squeeze page, you already have 10 that are ready-made for you.

The Copy Paste System states that there is no need for you to have in depth education, luck, talent, youth or even experience to be able to succeed in online niche marketing. All you need to have is belief that this system can work for you. The process is so simple, it is just like writing an email. The key to success, as they say, is by just doing what they tell you to do, which is to replicate everything. If you are looking for proof at this stage, thinking that the claims are too outrageous, then you can simply watch the video of one of their profit pulling account. Not a recorded video, but a real live video so you can actually be sure it is not edited. The whole downloadable package is worth $77, with a 60-day risk free guarantee.