Content Lockdown is a step by step video guide that will teach you how to make money online. It is created by Jared Croslow, who is also the creator of other online marketing products such as Auto Content Cash and SEO Cockpit. The Content Lockdown is advisable to beginners on online marketing because it does not require any previous experience or technical knowhow. It will teach you everything you need to know on how you can start your online marketing business.
The Content Lockdown’s main strategy in making money online is by giving away free content on your website. It is divided into four major sections, and these sections are broken down into simple step by step guides that anyone can follow.

The first Section, called “Recon” is essentially steps on how to properly execute an effective market research. This section will talk about how to find the right market and the right customers. Other online products take a lot of time and effort when doing market research. In Content Lockdown the author says that by using his proven system, you will not only do this part of the process fast, but it will also ensure that you are targeting the right market niche.

The second section, entitled as “Deployment”, will guide you through the steps on how to use the information you have gathered in Section One. This entails building up a website, and collecting information about the product you have researched. It will also give you tips on how you can tweak the information about your products, and how to properly manage the website you have put up.

Once you have setup your website and established your content, the “Domination” section will teach you how to drive loads of traffic to your site, and how to rank on top of Google’s organic search listings and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Once you’re website is complete and your ranking in organic searches is high, the last module will teach you how to automate all the steps you have taken, and use the same system again to build another website that will strengthen your earnings online.

Aside from the video lessons, you will also get two additional softwares that you can use together with the system. The first software is the Content Locker, which will secure your content to stop others from copying it. The second software is the Central Link Feeder, which will help you in monitoring and controlling your websites in an almost automated process.
Currently the website only requests for a valid email address for registration. Once you enter your email address, you will get a notification allowing the Content Lockdown team to give you updates about the product. The Content Lockdown will go live in December 7th of this year.