Consumer Wealth System is an online money making course created by Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turney. Created with the intention of letting anyone, internet marketing beginner or expert, begin creating auto-money making streams online. It doesn’t matter the type of niche you are in or are looking to go after, the advice and step by step instructions can work in any niche. Lindsay and Turney claim that you can get up and running in less than an hour, and begin noticing results in as soon as two to four weeks.

Consumer Wealth System is a three step system that can be implemented easily and quickly. You’ll be taught how to build residual income money making websites that help bring consumers the products that they need, while earning a nice affiliate commission in the process. You’ll be taught how to layout the site, and make it so that the consumers are prone to make the purchase as quick as possible. By following the three step process, research, setup and promotion you can get started in little to no time. You do not need any previous internet marketing knowledge or even a lot of technical knowledge. Consumer Wealth System doesn’t require large amounts of startup capital either, the methods described use inexpensive or cheap methods to begin generating income online.

Consumer Wealth System is comprised of nine easy to follow modules. In the research module you will learn how to research and choose profitable keywords. In another modules you’ll learn how to destroy your competition and leave them in the dust. You will also be taught how to setup your first website in only a few minutes. After creating your website you’ll learn where to find the highest paying affiliate commissions, which products or services you should promote, and how to begin to get visitors to your website. Keep in mind that you’ll be presented this information in an easy to read, step by step, instruction manual.

Consumer Wealth System offers a 60-day, money back guarantee.