Commission Ritual is an internet marketing course created by Brian G. Johnson. With Commission Ritual you’ll learn how to create niche marketing campaigns that will be extremely successful.

Commission Ritual comes with step by step processes broken down in videos, a manual, as well as a desk reference for reference to those quick items that you need to remember. There are 90 tutorial videos provided in Commission Ritual as well as a 130-page manual that supplements the videos. Within these 90 videos, you’ll be walked through each and every step of niche affiliate marketing. Everything from setting up your first site, to establishing the right advertisers for your new website. You will learn how to get started without any previous website building knowledge, a large advertising budget, or even if you don’t have a lot of time.

Commission Ritual will walk you through everything you could even imagine with niche marketing. You’ll learn how ot properly setup landing pages, how to find the best offers, how to setup links for ultimate click throughs and conversions. You’ll learn the secret 9 steps to ranking well within Google for anything you could imagine.

Commission Ritual comes with a 7-day $4.95 trial. You are able to give it a try for seven days for only $4.95! If for whatever reason, you end up purchasing Commission Ritual but aren’t fully satisfied, simply request your money back within the first 60-days and you’ll receive your money back without any questions asked.