Commission Maximizer is an online marketing system that lets you earn more income from your current site through website promotion, list building, and customer follow up. The system is being promoted by Texas Elite Marketing. The system’s main function is it maximizes the potential conversion rate of every visitor. Although the Commission Maximizer takes only a few minutes to setup, anyone who would purchase it must already have a website where they can apply the system.

The system works like a monitoring and backup plan for affiliate marketing websites. It is common knowledge that not every visitor buys a product that they see for the first time, and sometimes these visitors opt out of your website and never think twice on returning again. When you install Commission Maximizer on your website, you will get links and ads directing your customers to the Commission Maximizer page. Once your visitor does this and fill up the form on the Commission Maximizer website, you will automatically get your visitor’s information and also get a chance to gain a commission if those visitors choose to subscribe to Commission Maximizer.

The system has three ways to help you earn more. First is the referral program of Commission Maximizer. When a visitor from your site gets directed to Commission Maximizer and subscribe to it, you will automatically get a 50% commission from their subscription. This is a recurring income, so as long as those visitors from your site continue their subscription, you automatically get a monthly commission. The next feature of this system is it automatically collects the information of people who visited the Commission Maximizer page through your site. The list that will come out from this is going to be used by Commission Maximizer to follow up on your visitors by sending them professionally written emails, without you doing anything on your end. The last feature the subscription has is the Clickbank ads that you will see on top of your page, which are continually updating based on real time conversion rate and clickthrough. Through these three features the Commission Maximizer helps you earn more income without actually doing anything but promote your own website.

The neat thing about this product is all you have to do is subscribe to them. You don’t need to do major website changes or updates, the only thing you will do is register and change the URL you put on your advertisements. And since the system requires a monthly subscription, you’re getting a recurring income from the people who subscribed to Commission Maximizer through your page.

The Commission Maximizer offers its services at $9.95 per month. You can also pay quarterly to get a 15% discount. If for any reason you don’t find Commission Maximizer helpful, you can ask for a refund within 8 weeks and cancel your subscription.