ClickBank Bonus Domination is a system created by Jeff Czyzewski to help affiliate marketers pull up profits from a loophole he has discovered in ClickBank. This product creates bonus items that an affiliate can give away to potential buyers who are going to buy a product through their affiliate link on ClickBank. One of the tedious tasks of being an affiliate marketer is the process of making bonuses for buyers and sending it to them once he confirmed the purchase. At this point, ClickBank Bonus Domination stands in the way and makes life easier.

With the use of this product, your sales could increase without much work since the system runs on autopilot. The whole automation system will take less than an hour to set up and bring money into your account. You will be able to build list after list of buyers who are just more than willing to open up their wallets to buy from your affiliate page. Imagine being able to know right away when you’ve made a sale, automatically offer bonuses with your own tracking number, being able to automatically verify the buyer’s receipt and being able to immediately deliver the bonus to your customer without so much as lifting a finger.

This system will not increase your sales through PPC, SEO, and Google Adwords nor with any tedious method that you can think of right now. With this product, you will be able to contact every person who buys from your affiliate link, automatically offer upsells and cross promos to increase your profits, create bonus download pages with download protection in just a few clicks, and add buyers to your list through integrating with all autoresponders. Verification processes take less time as well as the delivery system because everything is automated once set up. The system is completely customizable from the bonuses, email, autoresponder, download protection and more.

This product comes with a start to finish training module that will give you step-by-step instructions as well as tips and tricks to pull out of your sleeve to maximize your role as an affiliate marketer. Training videos will also be provided to go hand in hand with the training modules for better understanding. It will be so easy you would have to try harder to screw up. The five training modules are: Preparing for Domination, Building the Bonus, Building Relationships, Traffic and List Building Strategies, and the Bonus Delivery Set Up. Along with this is the Bonus Delivery system that can run your affiliate marketing system on autopilot. Three bonus modules will also be thrown into the package such as How to create High Dollar Bonuses, BDS Complete Customization Resources, and the Closed door Quick Start Recording.

All these training modules and intensive videos are available for purchase at their website for $47. This is a one-time payment that gives you access to all the materials and latest version of the Bonus Delivery system. The purchase comes with an iron clad 60 day money back guarantee that is sure to make the purchase risk free for those who are still skeptic about the product.