Google’s AdWords has become an effective tool for earning money online. There are many marketing schemes available out there that an online marketer can use to best utilize AdWords to increase their online profit. Cheap click code is one such marketing plan for the users to use. It is a simple and quick system developed by Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton for getting cheap clicks (in the range of 3-9 c) from AdWords in any niche market no matter how competitive it might be.

The Cheap Click Code is a system that uses fundamental marketing principles to build instantly profitable and long term online businesses using Google AdWords, and then repeating the process in other networks to multiply the revenue. This system shows the user how to get cheap clicks from the Google’s content network by running image ads. It’s a step by step method suitable for newbie’s and it is a big case study ran by a student of the creators, which makes it easy to implement even if you have no prior knowledge of AdWords. This is a great way to approach AdWords and get some cheap traffic as PPC in Google gets more and more expensive. This system promises to teach how to get 3 and 9 cent clicks on even the most competitive niches and build a valuable business. It will show the exact landing pages in use, which includes all the secrets that were used to create them and screenshots of keywords, campaign and statistics. It will also provide access to a series of successful ads that were getting 14.29% click through rates on Googles content network and a number of techniques for testing, tracking and optimization, not to mention a formula that will allow the users to take this process to other network besides Google like Yahoo, Facebook or Bing.

The cheap click code is available to users for just $47. There is a 60-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t fully satisfied with your results simply request your money back and your account will be refunded within 24-48 business hours.