The Certified Cash Club is a system that helps people make money faster online. It was created, designed, and marketed by Craig Davidson, current founder and chief executive officer of the system. This system basically provides the members ten simple steps on how to generate income anywhere on the face of the Earth even in the comfort of one’s own home. This provides the recipient an efficient income generating online business in no time at all.

Since this program provides means on how to make money online, it is more or less similar to coaching. The system provides learning resources and instructional media to the club members that teach them how to engage in online marketing and how to run a business in it. Davidson assures those who are interested that once business establishments are set up, income tends to become quite automated right after.

Now, the club has ten basic systems, each one adding more income to the next. First, a training video will provide information on how to bring in at least $106.10 every day. After this, a second video will provide another set of information that deals with products that would bring in an additional $367.42 per day. Another video will help one on how to set up a website which would then add $786.29 to the daily income. Craig himself will also be part of the step by step process wherein he reveals his secrets regarding online marketing business. This adds $998.92 to the daily income. Craig also introduces affiliate marketing in the video and this system will be essential in generating $1003.63 to the daily income. Thousands more will be added to the income as he shares more secrets on how to make money faster online. A video would also include ways and tips on how to get into the global market adding $2050.65 each day. The system adds one more source of income and generates an additional $2731.54. The members would also be taught on how to make money out of something they enjoy or love. Soon, everything will be pulled together along with all the different steps. This step by step process allows one to earn money via online marketing at a membership fee that’s well worth the money.

The complete package when purchased online is at a one-time amount of $49.99 but if you click the page off, the next price to be offered will be cut in half and would soon be at an affordable price of $24.99. The Certified Cash Club member would also get to receive special bonuses such as twenty-five eBooks, twenty-six software applications, and nineteen videos on online marketing. Members would also get to receive their own website at no additional cost. Members also get the opportunity to become affiliates where they can get 75% commission on each sale generated. All of these offers come with a 60-day money back guarantee.