CB Profit Funnels is a fully automated, income-generating, push button strategy in whcih you can plug into funnels that flow of cash into your Clickbank account. The system is designed and marketed by Jo Han Mok and is presented through video.

This system promises you real money made from using CB Profit funnels pouring into your account in a very short time, as well as no difficulty in learning and setting up the system. Most of CB Profits course is almost as easy as turning on a tap, or pressing a switch. If you can cut and paste, you can work this system. The CB Profit Funnels system is made possible by an innovative piece of web based software called the Instant Site Launcher engine which makes this the simplest form of income generation possible by logging into your account and using the tool.

A Clickbank profit funnel is a website owned by you which you control and fully run. This site promotes either one or some of the fastest selling products on Clickbank. Creating a site is as simple and easy as ordering a product online. You are shown how with a wizard guiding you and it takes just 15 to 30 minutes. The software takes care of all the graphics and technicalities involved. Each Clickbank Profit Funnel includes a home page with a great layout and cool integrated graphics, a sitemap page which makes your site a magnet for the search engines, a privacy policy page for trade authority compliance, and terms of service page for legal protection. Optional is an articles page (s) for targeting keywords in a niche. This is the complete site, and once you have created one site, you are allowed to create as many sites, unlimited, as you can manage. You do not need to know how to create a website or how to promote products. All you have to know is how to point and click, and then profit from sites like ‘making money online’ ‘weight loss’ ‘golf’ ‘Forex’ and ‘real estate/investing’.

Along with CB Profit Funnels you will have immediate and uncapped access to your very own Profit Boosting Traffic Center, which allows you use of the very best traffic strategies and tools put together for our members. These allow you to jumpstart and dynamite your profit making success to see fantastic figures. The Traffic Center is updated regularly to keep up with new strategies. An added bonus, as a charter member, you will receive the latest Clickbank Profit Funnels every month, absolutely free. After 6 months you may own as much as sixty Clickbank Profit Funnels. After a year you will have over 100 Clickbank Profit Funnels. This equates to owning a block of Internet Real Estate. And your stock will be added to every month after that, as long as you are a member. The cost of becoming a chartered member of Clickbank Profit Funnels and receiving almost $18,000 USD’s worth of products is $4.95 USD. Why so little, because your success story means more to Jo Han Mok than the $4.95 he is charging for all the above.

This offer expires without warning as soon as a predetermined amount of charter members are signed up. Clickbank Profit Funnels has 60 day money back, no questions asked, refund policy if you are not completely happy with the product.