CB Predators or ClickBank Predators is a website builder created by Chris Fox (the guy behind the successful launches of Google Cash Sniper and Google Terminator) and Jerome Chapman (whose products include Affiliate Blueprint Profits, ClickBank Affiliate Blueprints as well as PLR Secrets) with Mike Merz, Jr. and David Raybould. CB Predators is designed for Internet marketers of all levels, whether highly experienced or even those with no experience at all. This online support system is designed to revolutionize your internet marketing while increasing affiliate commissions, turning a profit online, or just getting successful websites online.

CB Predators can help its subscribers set up multiple income streams each and every month through the creation of hundreds of fully functional SEO-friendly websites using popular blogging platforms like WordPress and containing highly effective affiliate pages by following the online program in as little as 18 clicks. These websites will then enable you to bring in a steady stream of income through traffic and sales. CB Predators also provides its subscribers with fully loaded niche information, including which are considered hot and which are not. Choosing a niche is what online business is all about and you’ll learn how to find them month after month with the easy to follow instructions.

Clickbank Predators will teach you how each and every month one can setup these successful sites. The websites that are created can work on a fully automated income stream earning system which gives shortcut to real and legitimate business, all from sites that can be setup and running in less than 15 minutes. CB Predators is providing its subscribers a whitehat and totally ethical system. You will learn how to let search engines work for you by providing high quality content that brings visitors to the created site time and time again. The websites created are also completely and totally customizable to whatever it is wanted to be done to it by transforming one and making it into a real income earner powerhouse, but one could also decide to just general a totally new affiliate site for any of the product found on a few different places in order to find affiliate offers that convert effectively like ClickBank or Paydotcom.

CB Predators works with its exclusive custom built Predator Software, which only subscribers can have complete access. One can also receive a 3 super high quality, pro-level, highly SEO’d, human generated content product blogs that are delivered to the subscription each and every month along with the automatic updating content, automatic traffic, as well as 5 of the hottest and most top secret killer plugins that works 24/7 in bringing more traffic. These three monthly sites will achieve high rankings on search engines, and income with zero input from the subscriber making it a hands-off moneymaking system.

By purchasing CB Predators, the buyer is supported by a no-question 100% money back, completely zero risk, rock-solid guarantees for 60 days. Anytime within the 8 whole weeks, if a subscriber finds CB Predators not satisfying for any reason, a full refund of the special launching price of $67 with a monthly subscription fee of $37 will be returned.