CB Engine is a Clickbank Marketplace website that offers innovative and helpful information to help you decide what Clickbank products to promote on your website. Affiliate marketers use the product as their launch pad for new items to sell and to check out consistent products that cash in income. Although the website is a bit technical and will take some time for better understanding, even starters in the affiliate marketing world can use this to help them out in cashing out those commissions.

CB Engine has several sections that an affiliate marketer can use. The most basic and probably the most useful of them all is the Bookmark system. This page will let you save items on your inbox for later view and monitoring. When you are scouting for new product, you can bookmark them with a just a click of the mouse and review them for later use. The tracking of a product’s sales history can also be viewed using the bookmark section of the website. The good thing about this historical data is that affiliate marketers can see the whole playing field. Aside from the usual information about the product, the consistency of the product’s sales is also presented through graphs and statistical data.

Product sales, history and performance are also featured in the website. Unlike Clickbank that only shows the sales performance of a current item, CB Engine records the history of the products and presents it to you in a clear and concise manner. This will help affiliate marketers in making an intelligent decision on what products to sell. It is a known fact that product sales sometimes skyrocket for a week only to go down the next. CB Engine records all this for the convenience of their members. The products search engine is also useful for affiliate marketers who have a certain interest in promoting special products that they feel comfortable with. As with most search buttons, all you have to do is click on a few drop-down menus to narrow your search and the website will give you what you want.

The Removed Clickbank Products are also helpful. CB Engine maintains some products that have been removed from Clickbank so affiliate marketers can still check them out, review them and even promote them again if they want to. Just be sure to follow CB Engine’s advice to check out the product’s website first before promoting them.

Another good section that you can check out is their Blog page. This page contains articles and tips related to affiliate marketing; from SEO to Product tests.

Aside from all these, CB Engine also offers a PHP script called Clickbank Storefront 2.0 that places the Clickbank Marketplace in your website. It’s a little advance for newbies but this script is a great convenience to affiliate marketers who know a little about scripting.

You can be a member of CB Engine using three subscription methods. First, you can opt for a free 15 day trial to access the pro edition services for a little more than 2 weeks. If you are satisfied with the website, you can choose to upgrade anytime. The 2nd option is to pay for one year membership that costs $39.95, and the last option is to pay for a lifetime membership that only costs $57.00. Whatever type of membership you choose, CB Engine is one good website that can help you in your affiliate marketing endeavor.

CB Engine comes with a sixty day, money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you aren’t completely satisfied with CB Engine, simply request your money back at any time and your account should be credited within 48 hours.