Cash System X: Elite is another brainchild of renowned online marketing mogul Jonny Andrews. A branch off of the previously sold out automated software Cash System X (from the same creator), it aims to offer the same features and more to customers as a fully automated system that delivers internet traffic to sites daily as well as earn money in just a click of a mouse button. It makes a certified cash earning website that already has available products for you to choose from and have built-in systems without needing any experience or expertise.

The creator believes that he can make users of his software earn $19,940 – $47,526 per day without any user requirements such as programming. Right after buying the product, the software can be run and a website created in just a few minutes. In addition, more sophisticated installations are taught by the creator through his instructional videos in just two hours and afterwards the site is professional looking.

The product Cash System X: Elite offers the following features: (1) a fully automated site that does not require upkeep except for a few clicks of a mouse button for setup, (2) it has a built-in program that builds your list and targets potential subscribers by sending non-spam emails to their accounts, (3) it offers a sales video for you to learn from and earn more, (4) it reroutes internet sales immediately to your bank account so that you can access your money right away and see results, (5) it generates an endless flood of internet traffic to your account through social media sites, search engines, and more, (6) it has a built in army that promotes your sites to more websites, (7) it creates lead pages that captures potential site customers attention, (8) it has a 24/7 support system available to answer queries, and (9) it has a built-in autoresponder so that you don’t need to keep checking your site and answering emails.

Sold for $1,997, it includes a video that offers a $20 million formula for sales, five brand new sites that are already created each month for five months, and a 60-day money back guarantee. Another special offer for an additional $597 includes access to a personal traffic video created by Jonny Andrews and an email list of 226,000 people to add to your already growing email list. To address the increased price, the creator offers a $97 monthly payment compromise for five months in addition to a $97 immediate payment. In case that the purchaser of this product is not happy with how the software works, full compensation of the amount paid is assured without any further questions.

With a motto “Money is exactly like water”, Jonny Andrews presents an easy way to earn more money online minus a real job.