Cash Making Power Sites was created and is marketed by Melford Bibens and Concetta Bibens which gives five websites that are proven to make money online. However, it won’t require you endless knowledge or experience, all you have to do is listen to a few instruction videos or read a few “how-to” instructions and click away to build and improve your five websites.

The features of Cash Making Power Sites are novel and dependable. These are the following: (1) five websites that offer the hottest and salable products in the market today and make you money, (2) a membership area system that is easy to use, dependable, (3) videos in your sites that attract buyer attention and convince them to order right away, (4) technologies that are advanced in lead capture compilation and management for selling that is uninterrupted over the internet, (5) technology that makes sales generation fast and easy to do, (6) a viral marketing system embedded on the software and into your sites for free and continuous internet traffic, (7) auto responders or direct responders which immediately send emails to visitors to your website making your websites fully automated, and finally it builds your contact list over a short period of time.

Cash Making Power Sites also offers you lifetime access to the Members Super Center which lets you access information vital to success. When you open this, you will see on the left hand corner of the screen a “Quick Site Guide” which gives links to your websites and well as instructions on how to activate them. Underneath that is a vast array of marketing tools to choose from to increase internet traffic. An example of this is email generator that automatically signs your emails with your name and your website that you can use to send emails to customers and banners and peel away ads that once clicked immediately sends the customer to your website. In addition to this, it also converts your sales cash automatically so that it can be used in your bank account and the sites are maintained by another firm but profits continue to go to your account. Your products and sites are continually promoted as soon as the software is activated and run. This has no limit unless the sites are closed down for some unforeseeable reason. Also, the sites offer free hosting for even higher savings for the user. How does the software work? It offers highly defined header images to capture attention; it offers free secret videos that capture potential buyers’ attention; the sites are simple and easy to synthesize; a teaser video is presented to customers; a free ClickBank I.D. is given to you so that when sales are done through your site, you get an instant commission; and a built-in manager for sales manages everything for you. This product is sold for $67 and offers a 60-day money back guarantee.