Bring the Fresh is a membership program offered by Mike Long and Kelly Felix that gives a blueprint on how to set-up an online business. The developers are more than willing to spill every secret and every ounce of knowledge that they have about building a booming business in the internet using free traffic.

Bring the fresh can help you in selecting the best market to start in with products to promote just within minutes. It will also give you tricks on how to get ranked in Google fast and how to fight fire with fire with your competition. You will never be elbowed again in the marketing scene. Bring the Fresh also shares the Leapfrog Technique that will quickly get high-powered links that Google recognizes so that you will get an unfair advantage in ranking. This course shows you that you never really need to outsource. Their technique Brain Hack will show you the power of persuasion. Be amazed at how you’d be able to convince people to do whatever you want them to do. The Instant Rank Technique shows you how to use the work of your competitors to boost up your rank in search engines.

Traffic conversion is of course an important factor in making profit. The course will show you how to convert visitors to buyers. It teaches you what to say to a customer before they pull up their wallets to make sure they pull up their wallets and open them to make a purchase in your favor. Kelly has a strategy to share about how to identify dormant traffic and bring them to your site and juice every ounce of profit that you can from them.

Aside from these, you will also get bonuses such as the Your Annihilation Engine BONUS that shows you Mike Long’s website conversions that he has created with cutting edge articles, emails, web pages and video marketing strategies. The 1-Article to Rule them All bonus will amaze you with how you can write an article without paying for an outsourcer or getting a headache. The Markets of Millions bonus shows you how he personally chooses a market and gives you market after market of the same profitable characteristics.

In a nutshell, Bring the Fresh teaches you about affiliate marketing, product creation, copywriting, advertising, product launching and joint ventures licensing. All the videos and instructional materials will make you feel that you are there with Mike and Kelly being mentored personally. Bring the fresh lifetime membership is worth $300. You may register for membership at their website and pay through you credit card. The membership fee is not a small amount but for all the benefits and the instructional material you will be receiving, the profits you’d be able to rake in would be enormous. Bring the Fresh membership has a 14 day money back guarantee that would give back your entire money if you don’t get a site that ranks in the top 10 immediately. Or if in any case you don’t feel like continuing with the program, the guarantee works for that too.