The Become A Blogger is a coaching course created and marketed by blogger specialists Gideon Shalwick, Yaro Starak, and Darren Rowse. It is a high definition coaching session on how to start as a blogger, create and promote a successful and professional looking blog, and rise through the ranks in the blogging world.

The first two modules are given for a small price of $1 (for a two weeks trial period) to members who sign up in the Become A Blogger site. This serves as a taste of what is inside the site as it offers 100 different modules for learning which you can select individually for your specific needs. The $1 membership will also let you access the Mastering The Mindset for free. The entire module will span a two week training course that is comprehensive yet easy to understand.

Inside the site with a lifetime membership, there are eight main modules or training videos. The first one is basically for beginners: how to start a blog, how to set it up, and how to access a domain or deploy it in the internet market for free. The second module is on search engine optimization and what to do in order to make it more visible and accessible. Another module tackles on blog content: topics that are relevant, how to arrange toolbars and access bars, and content that is both powerful and moving. If you already have a blog but it does not have the visibility that it deserves, another module speaks on placing and creating images to make it more striking. Video and audio additions are also taught in succeeding modules in order to make the blog more alive and striking. Another module talks about generating traffic (as a higher traffic propels your blog to top search engines) and utilizing multiple income streams. Last but not least there is an important module that covers the best way to utilize affiliate marketing with your blog.

The Become A Blogger learning system is a jam packed comprehensive coaching mechanism. It not only has video tutorials, but it also comes with downloadable PDFs when the superb video does not work for you. The entire package is sold for the monthly membership fee of $77 for six months, after which you are already considered a lifetime member and can avail of any new or upcoming videos for free. Also, the entire package is under a 30 days money back guarantee. If in any case that you do not find the coaching useful in any manner, then simply drop an email to their 24/7 help desk and they will gladly refund your money with absolutely no questions asked.