The Automated Income Streams System is a business opportunity on the internet created and marketed in 2007 by Chris Cobb. The primary goal is about promoting an individual’s business online so that more cash can be earned. This can be done using his 43 step-by-step videos into which marketing strategies are explained in full so that individuals can use both free and paid marketing concepts to increase the scope and effectivity of their advertisement.

The program is about helping people with no prior knowledge of online marketing to be able to set up an online business that they can truly call their own. The training module covers a wide variety of topics such as blogging, social bookmarking, article marketing, affiliate marketing, and pay per click. This program is best for newbies or beginners as this will give them a heads start on what to do and how to do them. In addition, a detailed manner of teaching is done on how to set up a website easily as well as create domains for use. Promotional strategies are well included as bonuses to this package.

The Automated Income Streams System is sold for a monthly rate of $39.95. If an individual is a bit skeptical on this product, a seven day trial period is offered for $4.95. After this trial period the user will have the option of continuing with a monthly subscription rate. Other websites sell the same system with additional features for a price of $47-$97. The bonuses included are modules or instructional videos on ClickBank Pirate Course, Secret Article Profits, Email Marketing Bootcamp, AdWords Reinvented Course and Authority Traffic X. These bonuses help target individuals or customers that are priority for the product or service that they sell. With focus on individuals that are highly probable to purchase your product, then an increase in sales will happen. Other freebies include a DVD recording titled Behind Closed Doors featuring Chris Cobb, a personal and private consultation by accessing the author’s private email address, a course or video on how to make a money maker system in 20 minutes, course outline and instructional DVD, full access to the author’s private builder list, and another module with a free trial period. All these are under a 56 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

This is not a get rich quick scheme that other sites offer. This is a genuine and legal way to earn money online. But what individuals need who use this program or module is hard work and dedication to patiently listen to the video instructions, take note of them, and meticulously apply them. It needs to be set up well so that earnings can be taken. This is where Automated Income Streams System comes in, as it provides opportunities on how to do this and begin an online business.