The Authority Job Killer is a new unique system that generated lots of money since it was launched by Alvin Huang and Joel Chue. It works by teaching ordinary people like you and me with absolutely no prior experience in online marketing or programming skills or knowledge how to earn more through working fulltime online from the comfort of your home.

It is a blueprint that discusses step by the step the secret on how to become a full time online marketer – and succeed. Upon first reading the Authority Job Killer Manual, you get hold of the basics of online marketing, which serves as the platform for advanced learning. As you go along, you get to discover and discuss advanced strategies that you can employ to expand and earn even more from. Next is the Authority Job Killer Process Map, an illustration in the form of a road map that shows how the entire system works. The Authority Job Killer Videos are three videos that show how to employ the blueprint. By looking at these videos, you will get the big picture and then employ your very own strategy to start your very own online automated income.

Upon registering with the Authority Job Killer website (made especially for members), you can get the chance to access this site for free interaction with Chue and Huang through asking questions. This would mean that you have the chance for a more personalized tutorial straight from the masters themselves. How do you use this product to your greatest advantage? First, download the PDF blueprint and read it carefully. From the blue print, follow the instructions and watch the videos one by one. You are not to skip any of the instructions, as everything that will be discussed is important for you to understand and successfully start your own online business. The blueprint is subdivided into three sections: section one talks about the foundations of a business – how to make it last and how to make it stable through three profit principles Huang and Chue discovered, section two is more on how to earn at least a thousand dollars or more through Huang and Chue’s fool proof formula that you can apply to your starting or current business, and section three is more on how to expand your business to make it to top notch and earn at least $10,000 or more. The key to the success in this section is to employ and faithfully follow the instructions in the previous sections, as this section is highly dependent on the preceding ones. The strategy employed here is outsourcing, hiring other people to work for you and decreasing keyboard time. Just a thought to remember by is that outsourcing can only happen when one has a stable income online and use it to expand their current online business to further heights.

Authority Job Killer is sold for $27 with a 60 days money back guarantee.