Arbitrage Spy is an online betting software program developed by Chris Archer. This program scans several bookmarkers and computes for the odds instantly to give you a list of 100% sure-win risk free bets. The system is almost fully automated and all that’s left for you to do is place the bets on the odds that the software presents.

The website claims that the system is so powerful that the owner offers to pay you off £50 from his own pocket if you don’t make a profit using the program. The owner is on of the top 2% of punters who earn steady profit from their betting. He used to earn from a just college hobby of betting and later on went through eBook after eBook on online betting to finally come up with a simple system that brings instant money into his account.

The basis for this program is the term arbitrage which in a way means that if you find a place where odds don’t match there is a chance of betting into both possibilities and still win whichever the result is. Combining all the “sure bets” in the internet, you can make a steady income from all of it and gain an unfair advantage.

Using the Arbitrage Spy, you don’t need any mathematics skills or computation know-how, you don’t need knowledge about racing and traditional betting, and most of all you don’t need luck since by using Arbitrage Spy, you won’t be gambling. You would be putting in money on sure wins to make instant profit. The program is hassle free and very easy to use even for newbies on the online betting scene. Arbitrage Spy automatically scans betting exchanges for arbitrage opportunities all day and all night. The program also bets the exact amount to make you a profit. There will still be two outcomes for your bets: win or break even. That guarantees you profit and no loss on the capital that you are going to invest. Aside from betting, all you need to do is create accounts on betting sites beforehand to be able to make bets once the program pops up with an opportunity.

The Arbitrage Spy downloadable program is available for purchase through their website. There is no monthly fee to continuously use the program and is available for £47 or approximately $73. The purchase is accompanied with a 60-day money back guarantee. The payment is through ClickBank so you don’t need to worry about the refund conditions. Aside from the 60-day money back guarantee, the owner, Chris Archer, also offers to pay up £50 from his own pocket should you fail to make any profit from his program. All you have to do is show him what you’ve done so far with the Arbitrage Spy. The website is only offering the program to 200 people who are willing to be lifetime members. After navigating away from the page, a live chat will pop out from Arbitrage Spy and will offer you a £10 discount to make the purchase £37 only.