The AIDA Profit Formula was created as a brainchild of two men: Peter Yoon &
Heri Rosyadi. This PDF file is an eBook that will let you learn the secrets to marketing both online and offline, alongside the AIDA Profit Formula. The secret to staying in business is to make profits or reducing expenses, and this is where the AIDA formula steps in.

AIDA is an acronym for the formula used in creating powerful and effective marketing communications, sales letters, and is widely used in advertising too. What does AIDA stand for? AIDA means:

A – Attention (Awareness): attract the attention of the customer. Stand out!
I – Interest: raise customer interest by demonstrating features, advantages, and benefits.
D – Desire: convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs.
A – Action: lead customers towards taking a specific and measurable action.

How is AIDA applied? Take for example creating and marketing products online through websites. Attention works by creating sites that are eye catching, easy to read and navigate, as well as user friendly. Interest is built by listing product specifics in understandable non jargon words. Advantages are also highlighted while disadvantages are greatly downplayed in this area. For desire, show or tell the customer why they need it, and why they need it now. By doing so, you propel the need of a person to purchase a product even if it is not an immediate need. You make a want into an immediate need to make your product sell. And lastly, with the first three properly executed and carried out, the fourth which is action is imminent and that means making a sale.

Another thing you have to consider is the 5 W’s explained in the PDF. When you are planning to build a business, you have to consider the 5 W’s. What are they? They are:

Who are you designing to? Who is the target prospect?
What do you want them to know or do?
Why should they care? Why should they pay attention?
Where can they get more info?
When should they respond or take action?

Write all of this information down and specifically answer each one. Once you have a clear picture, you can identify then the purpose behind your design. It means you take a step back and take a critical view of your plan in order for you to make modifications as necessary. Once AIDA and the 5W’s are done, all you have to do next is to create words that are compelling to buyers, and lastly, create the layout and designing the final touches. This is the entire key to online or offline success. How much will you have to pay to get this formula? Nothing. It’s absolutely given away as a PDF file for free download.