The AffPortal was created and marketed by Corey Bornmann. It helps you earn more by letting you use a bunch of pay per view or pay per click marketing tools in order to build profitable affiliate marketing campaigns.

The item is sold under two categories: $130 (single registration) which will include Wordze and Landing Page classroom access and $37 monthly which will include updates of new tools (after a $4.95 full access seven day trial). There are a lot of things you can get from AffPortal:

PPV Landing Pages which are landers that are created to get high CTR for newly uploaded templates.
A squeeze page generator called Sell This! that uses a proven formula to make you a well converting squeeze page.
An application called Pop Up Review that allows you to preview your pop ups before sending them or submitting them to PPV networks.
A first released landing page builder for PPV called Pop This! that will let you use your creativity to quickly create build pop up landing pages with Geo IP and Dynamic Keyword insertion.
The Batch URL Scraper that gets more than 50 pages in search engine results and optimizes the results generated (URL) to maximize keyword traffic in filter.
A Site Extractor that works in just two seconds that will pull pages that are indexed from specific targeted websites.
A tool that retrieves a list of URL roots from a long list of web pages (called URL Shrink).
An ability to compile lists quickly from top million websites such as Alexa, Quantcast, and Complete database.
A tool called Social Media URL Scraper Beta that helps data mine from social media based websites and is completely unique to AffPortal.
URL Modifier that cuts URL lists into lists that are mistyped in just two seconds.
A tool that allows for keyword mash ups and US census data called Keyword Phase Expander.
A tool that allows you to pull Adsense sites with ease (called Adwords Sniper Beta).
The AOL Bootleg Database that allows access and search to over 22 millon AOL users.
A whole stack of tutorials and videos that include an ever expanding library of video, audio, and pdfs to always update users on latest trends and tricks to dominate the online market.

In addition to this, there will be access to Wordze that is a premium generator for keywords and Landing Page Classroom which allows you to download over 200 templates in high converting niches. Everything is under a 30 day money back guarantee, and new updates are always presented to members which will make the purchase worth it.