Affiliate Gameplan is an online marketing strategy specializing in creating an affiliate website or a Clickbank system that will help you earn money with little effort and basic internet knowledge. It offers a step by step guide on how you can start earning money online through affiliate marketing and giving you an edge in the ‘affiliate game’ even if you are just starting out. Affiliate Gameplan was created by Taylor Fletcher and is being promoted by Rob Benwell, the author of the bestselling eBook Blogging to the Bank.

Affiliate Gameplan offers 3 steps in making your money online. The first module of the Gameplan teaches you on how to carve your niche market through specific steps and tweaks over the internet. The steps it offers will give you the best market available and find most of the buyers through an automated process from the program. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where and what to offer in your website because Affiliate Gameplan will help you do these.

The second module of Affiliate Gameplan discusses the traditional online marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization, backlinking and website building. To a newbie this may seem a little hard to understand, but these things can be learned by reading a minimal amount of information. In a can, the second step will help you determine the strategies you need to take in order to automatically lure visitors into your site. The module also gives you tips on how to create an excellent domain name and gives you a list of WordPress plug-ins to use in site building.

The third module is where the makers of this marketing strategy differ from the others. This module takes on the current ideas and practices about affiliate marketing and separates the ones that work from the ones that do not. They offer a new system of online advertising that will boost your earnings in a huge way through automated steps. The product also promises new strategies that even a newbie can do to automate and improve your affiliate marketing without the hassle of learning codes and other technical internet processes.

The Affiliate Gameplan package also offers a video tutorial of all the modules mentioned above. The best offer that Affiliate Gameplan has is the sustainability and the effectiveness of the strategies they offer. Affiliate Gameplan assures its customers that the modules will work permanently and the steps they teach are not loopholes or temporary solutions and workarounds to the current state of affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate Gameplan costs $77.00 and has a 2-month money back guarantee. The authors are offering a refund with no questions asked if the customer is not satisfied with the product. The authors are also assuring its customers that Affiliate Gameplan is user-friendly and does not require a lot of technical know-how. They also assure their customers that most of the steps required for the Affiliate Gameplan to work are automated and only needs a little effort to accomplish. For a newbie in online affiliate marketing, Affiliate Gameplan offers enough lessons to learn the trade.