The Affiliate Elite is the newest product created and marketed by Brad Callen. Brad Callen is a successful online marketer who has produced other products aimed at helping either the newbie in the field or the seasoned pro. In relevant terms, this new product is more on affiliate marketing and solving the hard task of finding the right products to sell and targeting keywords that are relevant to your marketing strategy.

But why would one think that keyword search and knowing which products sell the best online is important for online marketing success? There are two main points to consider in affiliate marketing. The first one is that affiliate marketing works by selling or recommending someone else’s product and when a sale is made, the secondary seller collects commission for it. The problem now lies in finding which is the best product to promote, so that more sales are done leading to a higher commission. For example, when you surf to the ClickBank Marketplace, products of different shapes, sizes, and function are then shown. Each product is rated through a gravity score (a score depicting the popularity of it being purchased online). A high gravity score means more purchases and a low gravity score means the product doesn’t go sell well in the market. The second notion is keyword research. Keyword research is important as it is the word consumers’ type in search engines when they look for a product. The problem here lies in knowing which keywords are highly likely used for finding a product. Both problems presented require a large time for research and sometimes tool purchase.

The Affiliate Elite then produced three affiliate marketing strategies to address these problems. (1) In regards to finding, comparing, and selectively monitoring the gravity scores of products, the software helps by gathering this data for you in the form of a line graph. But it is not limited to one product and a short period of time only, rather it can monitor at least 10,000 products available in ClickBank and over a number of months and years. (2) For keyword research, many people pay top cash to know what keywords are usually inputted by consumers. The software comes in by letting you know which keywords are used by paid advertisers and the content and headline they use for advertising. (3) For affiliate marketing itself, Affiliate Elite has produced a strategy that lets you learn who are the super affiliates and lets you see how they became a super affiliate. Learning from super affiliates themselves and studying their process or formula to success can help you zero in the problems in your own strategy for affiliate marketing and improve the way you select, promote, and manage the products.

The Affiliate Elite is available for a trial period of five days at $4.95. If you find the product up to standards, then a monthly subscription of $39.95 is available. These are under an eight weeks money back guarantee.